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If you are looking for marijuana doctors in Arizona, the online search results can be overwhelming. You might have questions like “How do I schedule an appointment with an Arizona marijuana doctor?” or “How can a weed doctor help me?” Whether you are a current medical marijuana (MMJ) patient who needs a renewal, or someone interested in seeing a marijuana doctor for the first time, this article can help you better understand the role of a marijuana doctor and how to find the right AZ MMJ doctor for you!

Who are Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors?

Arizona medical marijuana doctors may have a physical clinic that they practice out of, or they can provide services via telehealth. When you visit a marijuana doctor, they will evaluate your medical records and medical history. They’ll also talk with you about your current concerns. It is just like any other doctor visit!

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Arizona

Medical marijuana doctors in Arizona are licensed and board-certified doctors. They have attended medical school just like any other doctor. Often, they have also taken additional training to gain specialized knowledge of medical cannabis use. These doctors also understand Arizona medical marijuana law and what criteria need to be met for qualifying patients.

Marijuana Doctors Near Me: A Telehealth Solution to Getting a MMJ Card

contact arizona medical marijuana doctors online.
Arizona law allows you to use telehealth services for your evaluation with a medical marijuana doctor. Medical Marijuana Evaluations offers telehealth MMJ doctor visits. Their service is convenient and easy to use. How does it work?
  1. Complete the 1-minute online questionnaire
  2. Book your appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor through Medical Marijuana Evaluations
  3. Speak with the doctor to find out if you qualify to be a medical marijuana patient in Arizona
  4. Obtain your written certification form and apply with the state using their online application portal
If you receive SNAP benefits, be sure to have that paperwork on hand when you file your medical card application with the state. An Arizona medical marijuana card costs less if you receive benefits.

MMJ Doctor Phoenix, Tucson, and More!

You can visit an Arizona marijuana doctor from anywhere in the state by taking advantage of Medical Marijuana Evaluations telehealth MMJ card services. Whether you are in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, or a rural location, you need an internet connection to access licensed medical marijuana doctors near you!

What are the costs for a doctor in Tucson, Arizona to certify that a person needs medical marijuana?

People commonly ask “How much does medical marijuana doctor cost in Arizona?” At Marijuana Evaluations, qualifying Arizona patients from all over the state can get a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed marijuana doctor for as low as $99. In addition to the cost of the doctor consultation, there is a state fee of $150 which is reduced to $75 from people who receive SNAP benefits.

AZ MMJ Doctors Versus Primary Care Physicians

arizona marijuana doctor giving a medical marijuana card

Broaching the topic of marijuana with your doctor can be uncomfortable. Afterall, they might get the wrong impression of you, or they could be opposed to its use. However, many doctors have begun to accept the place of cannabis in medicine and you’d be surprised how many physicians are open minded on the subject. Cannabis can present legal challenges for doctors though.

Despite Arizona law, cannabis is still federally illegal and clinics can encounter complications when it comes to insurance and licensing. That’s why MMJ doctors typically have their own practices or work through telehealth programs. Medical marijuana doctors in Arizona don’t replace the need to see a primary care physician or specialist. However, their work is complimentary. By working with an AZ MMJ doctor in addition to your regular team of healthcare providers, you can better manage your health.

Marijuana Doctor Visits in Arizona

A qualifying patient for medical marijuana in Arizona must have a debilitating medical condition. These conditions can be more common and less horrifying than the word “debilitating” makes them sound. In fact, chronic pain is the most common qualifying medical condition, and one that many people suffer from. In addition to pain, here are the other medical conditions that qualify patients for an Arizona medical marijuana card:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cachexia/wasting syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Hepatitis C
  • Severe nausea
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Severe nausea
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Seizures/epilepsy
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms

What to Expect When Visiting the Weed Doctor

New patients might be nervous when getting ready for their first visit with a marijuana doctor. Much of that comes from not knowing what to expect. So, what does an Arizona doctor have to do to prescribe medical marijuana? The answer is quite simple.

Medical marijuana physician certification requires doctors to either make a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, or confirm your diagnosis through medical records. This requires them to examine you and verify your eligibility based on the Arizona Board of Pharmacy Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program database.

Arizona’s medical marijuana program also requires doctors to explain the risks and benefits of medical marijuana use. If the doctor has any affiliation with a dispensary, they must also disclose that to the patient. Finally, the doctor will issue your medical marijuana recommendation if you meet the criteria for a qualifying condition and are likely to get therapeutic or palliative benefit from medical marijuana use.

What doctor can write a medical marijuana card in Arizona? 

Most clinics providing health services don’t have a doctor on staff that is knowledgeable about medical marijuana.

That’s why it is best to consult with a doctor that specializes in medical marijuana. However, your qualifying medical diagnosis may be performed by another doctor such as your primary care physician. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to bring a copy of the original medical record that states your diagnosis.

How often do I have to see a medical marijuana doctor in Arizona?

Arizona medical marijuana cards are valid for two years. You’ll need to see your Arizona marijuana doctor towards the end of that two-year period to get a medical marijuana card renewal.

What form do I need to give my doctor to get a medical marijuana Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Health requires medical marijuana doctors to fill out their Physician Certification Form.

benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in arizona

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

Arizona’s marijuana program is divided into medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. If you have a qualifying condition, getting your medical marijuana card will allow you benefits like paying less, purchasing larger quantities, and purchasing higher potency products.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act allows doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical patients suffering from qualifying conditions. While cannabis for recreational use can only be purchased by adults over the age of 21, cannabis for medical use can be prescribed to patients that are younger. If the patient is under 18, a caregiver over 21 years old must be designated and a secondary recommendation for medical marijuana is also needed. This marijuana law also protects medical marijuana patients from housing and employment discrimination.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Online Doctor

If you are looking for a marijuana doctor, Arizona has many to choose from. Afterall, medical marijuana is no longer a taboo subject. Medical Marijuana Evaluations is a great option that offers Arizona medical card evaluations that are professional, affordable, and convenient. You don’t have to be intimidated by the process of getting your medical cannabis card. 

Their staff is friendly, open minded, and eager to help you meet your health goals! Once you finish your evaluation and file your application with the state, it only takes about a week to get your card and start shopping at an Arizona dispensary. You’ll pay less and be able to purchase more usable marijuana along with having legal protections.

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